One Line Haiku - Old Age

One Deep Breath prompt for week: one line Haiku

Old Age

Days shorten our souls lengthen to join as shadows.

MeeAugraphie 03/26/07

These words are mine.
Please, do not use them without my permission.
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Pearl said...

Lovely image and concept. Like the ambiguity created without punctuation to show if days shorten, or shorten our souls. Both true.

Days shorten our souls lengthen to join as shadows.

Crafty Green Poet said...

You've got a lot in your few words there. Excellent and very true.

Brian said...

I always think of my wife, when I read such poems as yours. Thanks.

Regina Clare Jane said...

This was just so lovely...

Ron said...

Beautifully done. I can sense a touch of pathos in the shadows reference and yet great joy as well. One of the best I've seen so far.

Marcia said...

Pearl - I am glad you picked up on the ambiguity.

Crafty Green Poet - Age has a way of stating facts. (is that another one?)

Brian - Wives have some things in common, anytime I can put someone's wife in their thoughts I am happy. Now if my husband would just read this and I could jump in his thoughts. . . (oh, hi, Leon!)

Regina Clare Jane - I'm trying to learn the short and sweet, your comment is a good example for me! Your expression in your photo is great!

Ron - pathos and joy - that is old age, isn't it! oops, OLDER age. . .

Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment on my poem. Less is more is something only recent to me, I am, by nature, extremely wordy, so for y'all to get my words I realize I am spouting in the right direction, but do expect wordiness to creep back often!

Gerald England said...

beautiful and unspoilt by punctuation

one of my favourites of the week so far

Marcia said...

Gerald England - I had to fight the urge to use punctuation, it nearly won, but once I took it out, I realized what I had actually said.

Thank you, also, for reading my poem and commenting.

Mandy said...

a gorgeous ku and pic

jem said...

You've done something special here. You've spotted something, and made the connections and written about it simply but well. Good stuff.

Marcia said...

Mandy - The view was just incredible.

Jem - That picture has spoken to me since the day he took it. Oops, I'm so used to taking all the photos, I didn't give him credit!

Thank you, both, for reading my poem and commenting.

getzapped said...

Such power and depth in this haiku. You captured so much with so little. Very nice!

Sandy said...

Great idea and line!

Becca said...

I definitely feel this one in my soul...just beautiful!

Marcia said...

Getzapped - My poetry group would take credit for the so little, they've had a long road to cut my wordiness, and even then, it's only occasional.

Sandy - It was the photo that gave me the idea.

Becca - I am so glad you feel it.

Thanks y'all for reading and commenting on my poem.

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