26. Life Lemonade, to be continued?

Make mine unsweetened

No fretting over villanelle
or poetry by guerrilla warfare
but rather squeeze them
. . . into lemonade

and picture me in my old age
more poetic than one old gray mare
I'd rather turn life
. . . into lemonade

in theory I will then become
a "matroness" of laissez faire
and hope they, too, turn
. . . into lemonade.

and require less sweetener
or tiptoed avoidance and care
to turn their lives
. . . into lemonade.



Brian said...

I would never call you an old gray mare. You're much too good looking.;)

I would like some sweetener though, no puckered lips for me. :)

Marcia said...

Brian - Flattery earns points! But more like you've figured out I would either slug you or trip you if you did - I'll leave the sweetener for you and my husband and the others like you, I like it au natural. Thanks for reading and commenting!

get zapped said...

This is wonderful! Such fun and spirt in this piece.

Marcia said...

Get Zapped - Glad you saw the fun in it. Thank you for commenting on it!

Remiman said...

This is awesome. I love how you played with it and made it a commentary to not take things too seriously. ;-0

Marcia said...

Rel, I did play, in two ways, because this is one of the few I also "played" to get a pattern of some sort, ie., one of the few I edit at all. Lemonade has become my new motto! Thank you for commenting on it.

Crafty Green Poet said...

This is fun and no sweetener for me either...

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