Earth Day Observations

One Deep Breath's Haiku prompt: Earth Day

bark laid by man's hand
to aid in plant's lazy gulps
forest mimicry

green tendrils push up
cracked earth gives way to life seed
slow persistence wins

prized possession there
most wanted hit list out here
English Ivy dance

discarded branches
stacked and woven as curved berm
recycling brilliance


These words are mine,
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Thank you.


Cazzie!!! said...

Truly amazing images, accompanied by wonderful words. Mother Nature should not be taken for granted, or worked against so, it is told by the flower, that is blossoming, in times of hardship, that we see in the image brought to us by you. Thankyou.

Brian said...

I like your Ivy haiku. :)

Regina Clare Jane said...

The tulip coming up through the concrete is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely pics and beautiful haiku!

Marcia said...

Cazzie!!!, Brian, Regina Clare Jane -- The tulip is from the tulip festival. It is actually just dry cracked earth, not concrete, but it sure looked like concrete! So, as much care as the festival tulips are given, it is a bit deceiving. . but still. The ivy was already there and I love it, but WA hates English Ivy overall because so many varieties take over and it is difficult to distinguish the good from the bad, so we keep it controlled. It is quite prevalent in our neighborhood. Thank y'all for commenting!

Roswila said...

green tendrils push up
cracked earth gives way to life seed
slow persistence wins

... and may Earth's persistence make up for our late start in taking loving care of Her. :-)

Lovely photos, btw.

Marcia said...

Roswila - so true, maybe if we nurture it a bit, it will remain persistent. For that matter, I hope our bodies are listening! Thank you for your comment.

Sandy said...

slow persistence wins-love the line in this haiku

Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed these, especially the tulip in the cracked earth and the recycling the discarded branches.

Patois said...

Wonderful variety in honor of Earth Day! Your third one makes me smile. Your second one could be one of those inspirational posters. (I know, I know, they are typically lame, but yours wouldn't be!)

Tammy said...

Bark mimicking forest was cool and that tulips shot was awesome. Wonderful post!

Pearl said...

Love the pictures of the berm and that tough tulip.

Marcia said...

Sandy, Crafty Green Poet, Patols, Tammy, Pearl - Wow! Guess we can all relate to that little feisty tulip with all its persistence.

Crafty Green Poet and Pearl - the berm is a labor of love, looks ratty now, although, if we lived farther in the country, in all honesty, I would have left it as nothing but branches, we live in a more "polished" area though and that is visible from the road, so it will become a gentle rolling mound or bed of ground cover, sooner than later.

Patols - your comment on the poster was really appreciated.

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