Flash Fiction Podcast: Left. . . but to be found

Note: this is the second flash fiction story I have attempted to write and the first I have spoken. You are witnessing my first attempt at storytelling. Critique if you wish, this is an experiment and I know it is rough, but I also know if I don't put it out there and learn from it - both the good and the bad, I will never get to the level I wish. So, here's your chance to help me learn and to say, "I helped her get started with this."

But if you just want to read, I hope you walk away with something from this: I hope you encourage someone you know to think before they act.

My 1:03 worth (minutes not hours!):

Gabcast! MeeAugraphie - Parenthetical and Otherwise #2 - Lost. . . but left to be found

Young woman with baby makes a hard decision.


Brian said...

I don't have speakers at work. Remind me to listen when I get home. :)

P.S. Gabcast counts as another blog. ;)

Marcia said...

Brian - trust me, the email to tell share my scary adventure into podcasting was already half-written, after all, it was YOUR Gabcast that sent me to sign up. You get the credit for doing it well and that pushed me to want to try it, too! Thank you for stumbling on it, that means you were here!

To all lurkers and delurkers:

The director in Leon already came out, "I thought you were going to let me hear it before you posted."

Oh well, had to make the first step alone, but the rest, he can direct all he wants, I may just listen!

This Eclectic Life said...

Oh, Marcia! I love it. You are so brave to attempt it. Keep going, girl! Congratulations...I'm doing a little "yippy" dance for you....
whew! now I have to go sit down.

Very good job!

Marcia said...

This Eclectic Life - Thank you for the yippy dance. I think it may be a first for me, a yippy dance done for my bravery.

Brian said...

Bravo, I like the sound of your voice. :)

Marcia said...

Brian - had to laugh at that, I remember how surprised I was at the tone of your voice when I first heard it; I liked your tone as well. Great minds focus on the same thing I guess. Thanks for coming back and commenting. And as I love stage plays, the word "bravo" made me smile.

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