Ok, so it has been days, I'm STILL Bouncing

Written on time, posted so, so, so late: a most unpleasant trait, I'm working to correct. . . (in between poems and spouting). . . .

I am speechless. . . Ok, that is an out and out lie! I am never speechless, although there are actually times I hold words back intentionally. But this is not the time for holding back, it is too exciting - and humbling - at the same time. But, then those two words do go together a lot, don't they? So, here goes:

As poets and/or writers we want to be heard, we want to be recognized, whether as a talented author or as someone who said something that made a difference.

It is making any kind of difference that drives most of us, if not all of us, whether making people laugh, saving someone from a major mistake, honoring someone special, just making someone feel, or the ultimate, leading someone to a better understanding of others.

And both in our efforts to accomplish any or all of that, we are brought to our knees so often, both from the humility of failure and by the humbleness that follows success. We need both to balance our lives -- in between -- we need that excitement of success.

For most of us it only takes the tiniest acknowledgment to keep us going. Comments from our readers carry us a loooong way.

Today, for me is special. For the moment I am still riding high on Shelly's (This Eclectic Life) including me in her double list of Thinking Bloggers. I admit it, there is a blinding glow around me, even though words normally tumble, they are nearly uncontrollable now, but I know myself well enough to know the humbleness is lurking beneath the surface, demanded to shove my excitement out of its way. But, if I am honest, today, excitement is fighting to keep its place. Indulge me, please. Humbleness will return, it always insists on returning, it won't let my head grow, just make me content someone understood my words and, also, make me think on a deeper level. Thank you, Shelly, for reading on and in between my lines.

Now comes the hard part, listing my five picks for a Thinking Blogger Award. Not only and I unorganized and a procrastinator, but making choices, well, in the guise of truth, "I suck at it." , "Thank you, Shelly, for including me -- and for forcing me to really think -- and I thought it would be an easy day."

I am still trying to choose between the many thinkers. As I told Shelly, I tend to remember words or feelings more than where I read them. I will post them soon!


This Eclectic Life said...

So, you see, this is why I chose you as a "Thinking Blogger." Speechless? Not by half. I hope you and your other half enjoy your day together.

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