Haiku - Life expose via food, to be continued

Carrots or carats
the second but a cash crop
to pay for the first.


Two men are given
whole wheat bread or cold hard cash,
One rises, the other leaves.


Dandelion tea
sugar coated rose petals
Nature extended.


Two delicate cups
one tea-stained, one pristine white
birthday cake untouched


He holds out his spoon
filled with Cheerios and milk
heart and body feast.


Two spoons, one desert
each tries to feed the other
children taking notes.


Two donuts inhaled
then hamburger, coke, and fries
afternoon slump comes.


OK, I'll stop now
before you're fed powdered milk
instead of whole grain.


Yes, you know the routine, my words, my word order, my thought processes, please do not whisk them onto your floor, you have your own crumbs. Thank you.

(If you do not know our expressions - you may be from a non-English speaking country, the sentence above is just my fun way of saying, please don't copy without permission. Thank you.)


This Eclectic Life said...

the two me...that's my favorite

Marcia said...

This eclectic life - I can see why, there's a lessen behind the scenes. Thanks for commenting.

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Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

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