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Lunaniña published an interesting list of ten words this week to do free association with on Unconscious Mutterings. Why not play along. It is fun and definitely not hard, and you may surprise yourself with your answers; I certainly have. Her words are on the left, mine on the right. I certainly wasn't very original.

  1. Compulsion :: none
  2. Spiritual :: entity
  3. Spray :: me
  4. Compatibility :: none
  5. Pursuit :: of action
  6. Fake :: man
  7. Mobile :: phone
  8. Ceremony :: stand on
  9. Ribbons :: flying
  10. Mozart :: piano

See, that was easy. Meme complete. Now, here goes, my attempt to use the 20 words in their same order and make a semblance of sense to them. Why? Why not?


Compulsion to seek eternal life?
I have none, if it happens
it will be the
spiritual entity within
me taking control.

Today, I spray my thoughts
across keyboards
into cyberspace,
my compatibility with my
readers, not a given.

Me, myself, and I -
does anyone else see the similarity
to the trinity of Christianity
or the tripod that steadies a camera?

None, no one, nothingness,
another tripod, but a less desirable one.
brought about by non-pursuit of action,
by fake movements of thought in man
who has become more mobile,
using phones without concentration,
merely throwing words out, knowing
they can be denied when merely verbal
neither bound by handshake
nor words on paper, no ceremony
to stand on.

Yet here - and - over there,
peace globes and ribbons are flying
much as Mozart flew his fingers across
ivory keys, not only white keys, but
black keys as well, creating melodies
to reflect life.

Me, myself, and I, not a Holy Trinity
by any imagination, but a strong trinity,
a whole trinity, riddled with holes.


These words came flying out of my head. . not edited, not planned, just sprayed onto the keyboard, tumbled from the recesses of my mind, as I attempted to write using the 20 words, Lunaniña's and mine. Hers are not mine to give, mine are not yours either, so, please, don't copy. Thank you. (Not that I can imagine anyone wanting to!


Clockworkchris said...

attemping to write isn't gonna happen for me, I am too busy-but I will free associate for your pleasure...
Compulsion :: Obsession
Spiritual :: Not Religious
Spray :: Bad Kitty
Compatibility :: Match.com
Pursuit :: of happiness
Fake :: Smiles
Mobile :: Phone (maybe you influenced me a little)
Ceremony :: Wedding
Ribbons :: Angel
Mozart :: Deaf?

I enjoyed your semblance

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Clockworkchris - I love that you surprised me by free associating. Obvious you have cats at home! What stood out for me was Ribbons: Angels. I felt a poem stirring. Thank you for commenting!

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