Fear Aftermarket, a poem

words advertised incite

thoughts swallowed once spew in foamed defamation

trepidation tiptoes quietly back inside
the safety of a bed full of pillows

hands hesitate to reach forward tuck beneath arm pits of despair

stomach shrinks as hope has been tossed repeatedly
from behind locked doors filled with peering eyes

envisioned peace sinks beneath waves of crimson tides


Forget trying to copy these words, you would not be able to explain them if asked, even I have trouble deciphering them, and I know from whence they came, and it was not from the mouth of a copyright infringer, nor from their pen, or keyboard, or mind, or muse, or chalk, or written in their sand.


In my words:

This is but a one-sided conversation;
it takes you to make it more.

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Life Contrast:
~ Bold & Tentative ~ Poetic & Terse ~ Bright & Dull ~
~ Patient & Intolerant ~ Oblivious & Aware ~
~ Understanding & Incomprehension ~
~ Willing & Unwilling ~ Able & Unable ~
~ Living & Hiding ~
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only the good
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one deep breath
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It took binoculars to see you

Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

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