Haiku - Shadow and Light

I've been in a mood(s), watching sad movies and listening to sad people -- in between dreaming grand dreams and laughing out loud.

One Deep Breath's prompt was simply: Shadow and Light. I had to force myself to stop writing, because I just wanted to write nonstop - I think in rebellion against West of Mar's Monday Poetry Train entry written by band member Trevor - he had a lot of nothing to say about angst and poets. If you haven't read him before, be aware the F word abounds, but the timing of reading that this morning and the prompt words from One Deep Breath today just ignited my keyboard. And, I can't help it, I found Trevor's poetry attempt quite amusing, but you have to have a sense of humor and not mind the language and understand she is writing through her book characters. But first, please, stay and read my angst and humor (with only one mild damn).

Remember One Deep Breath will post links to all the Haiku poets on Tuesday. They make it quite easy for you to click away to us all.

Presented in the order they came out of my head: Shadow and Light

Sun throws playful rays
in attempt to draw me out
I refuse to play


Too bright, too damn hot
bakes my skin and fries my brain
Florida sunshine


He seeks bright hot light
to cast out depression's dark
Shade is my solace


It is not shadows
that cloud our comprehension
but brightness unchecked


Tears gather remorse
to cast shadows on what was
lit candles burn out


shadows show neglected tears
not heard in the dark


angst lives in shadows
until poets pen the words
others dare not share


to say lives are spent
without care, or abandoned
means shadows not viewed.



Words are for sharing, not copying. Thank you.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Mee, I love it! Those are wonderful haikus -- and not angsty in the way Trevor means. (sorry if that disappoints, but he's going more for the teenagers who wallow in it and think they're cool because they do.)

I'm really touched that I inspired you like this. Proud, too. I know I've done my job as a writer, and even if the book never gets published (which it had better!!!), I've accomplished my goals in life. To touch people.


Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Susan Helene Gottfried -Guess I will have to publish one of my teenage poems if I want to throw angst in his face, but I have a feeling even that won't be enough angst to get a rise out of him. Thank you for coming by. Yes, you have accomplished a goal!

Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, I can so relate to the second one... living here is certainly a challenge in the summertime!
These were all wonderful and profound as well. I am glad you let yourself keep writing!

Plain Foolish said...

I especially like the first two. I think they capture the feelign of summer when there's daylight and stuff to be out in, but it's too hot to do anything...

Clare said...

These are fantastic and so full of feeling, insight, and sensitivity. The last 2 are my favorites, but I LOVE them all.

jem said...

There is a strong sense of philosophy in these, its as if you are truly climbing into the shadows to understand their nature. Stuff that needs re-reading to get as much as you can from it. Great.

tumblewords said...

These are wonderful. It would be hard to choose a favorite. I admire the honesty that falls from these. - Thanks for noticing my blog and for your comments. I may have to drive to Oregon for gas! Grin.

Rae Trigg said...

Very nice. I especially like the third one: "shade is my solace."

Patois said...

I love your stream of poems. The anger you express in the first two remind me of...me. (A much younger me.) Thanks for sharing these.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Plain Foolish, Regina Clare Jane, Patois - Summer and anger seem to go hand in hand for some of us

Rae Trigg - That one is true, Shade was my solace.

Clare - I believe those two are universal truths

Jem, Tumblewords - There is a lot of honesty there, hidden in shadows for us to bring to light.

Thank y'all for reading my poems and sharing your insights.

megan said...

hurrah for the shadows!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Megan - Yeah, hurrah for shadows. Thank you for commenting!

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