Unconscious Mutterings - First Job

Lunaniña posted interesting words for us to free associate with in her Unconscious Mutterings meme. It is so easy to play along, you may want to jump on over to her site and play along. My associations to her words:

  1. Traditional :: linens
  2. Popeye :: the sailor man
  3. Gin :: and tonic
  4. Harsh :: reality
  5. Topless :: dancer
  6. The thing :: is
  7. Defiant :: mist
  8. Huge :: man
  9. Food :: eat
  10. Lenny :: Den
End of meme. Now, I always try to stretch my brain by using all twenty words in either a poem or short scene or story - in the order they were given. Not feeling poetic today, I just wrote. I thank Lunaniña for letting me take this liberty with her words each week. Note:, I had to edit this this morning. . . Trying to do it after my normal sleep cycle kicked in was not, well, it was, no, just say, I messed it up. OK, so now the missing words are added!

First Job

Michelle chose traditional linens for the bedding, though the theme
for the children's bedroom was, of all things, Popeye the Sailor Man
and Olive Oil. The room was for fraternal twins, born of parents who both grew up on the Popeye cartoons. It was a harsh reality for a designer who preferred classic lines to have a first client you had their eye set on cartoon characters, garish characters. Why she would rather guzzle gin and tonic in a bowling alley, of all places, than even remember Popeye existed.

Michelle could no more think the words without singing that ridiculous song than associate a topless dancer with other than a smokey bar and a pole. No, not a fireman's pole. No! I did not mean that either.

The thing is, she had tried steer her clients to a different theme, the ocean or even a castle and forest, but both parents and her own design partner were defiant; they insisted on Popeye and Olive Oil. She could not even allow herself to paint those two characters on the wall. She had to bid that part of the job out. It disgusted her to acquiesce, but she was a new designer and needed the job.

She did agree to paint the mist that hung over the boat in the harbor, just to cut costs, and yes, her eyes did tear up, fitting, she thought to
herself as she painted.

"His muscles are so huge he is ugly," she told her boyfriend that night
as they sat down on the sofa with the food he had picked up on the way home from the station.

"I'm Popeye the Sailor man. . ." He sang quietly as he held up a can of spinach - and a can opener, grinning.

"Sean! I..."

"Shut up, your food is going cold. Either eat it or I'll open this can of room temperature spinach and feed it to you while I enjoy this fried chicken. And be glad they didn't want a room based on someone like Lenny. You could have designed the Lenny and Denny bowling den while wearing a poodle skirt -- or worse."


These words, both mine and Lunaniña's are not to be copied, but I hope you enjoyed them.


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