Unconscious Mutterings - A Matter of Degrees

Lunaniña chose ten words for us to free associate with for the meme, Unconscious Mutterings. These ten seemed harder than usual. Perhaps it was the distraction of the steady rain that is heavier than normal and also highly unusual for summer out here. I wanted to listen to it and write. . . my mind was too tired to do both well. LOL.

  1. Deputy :: Shadow
  2. Name :: and address
  3. Arrested :: in time
  4. Trade :: me
  5. Old :: man
  6. Fingerprint :: taken
  7. Dwarf :: man
  8. Newspaper :: ads
  9. Gabriel :: angel
  10. Certificate :: of occupancy

See how easy that really was, you really might have fun trying it yourself.


I had to try once more to write a poem/story using all twenty words - in order without changing the tense - not part of the meme, I just love to exercise my brain.

A Matter of Degrees

Deputy (of all that is bright)
found Shadow lurking
but simply asked,
"Name and address, please?"
and went on with his rounds.

Once arrested in time, a memory
of those who trade in people
found me,
that old man -
whose fingerprint was taken
seemed, in a statistical manner,
a dwarf

compared to the man

whose newspaper ads threatened
to remove light
(from even the Shadow)

as he offered a reward to any who refused
Gabriel, or any angel, a legal
certificate of occupancy.


I admit, this is really strange. . . I shall blame it on the darkness outside and the steady rain that threatens to flood the river. . . this is not the first draft, but rather the second (of a few lines, but not the main ones) as I was tired, and my mind struggled to make a story.

It anyone is crazy enough to copy this, that is a double shame. Don't. Ten are the words of the meme author, the rest are mine, so you would be doubling your copyright violation.


Clare said...

My computer threw me off when I tried to send my comment before, so I wrote this one. I totally love the poem you wrote! You said it's strange, but I think it's really cool and I like the unusual and mysterious feeling of it. It's very clever and you made wonderful use of the words. The first stanza is my favorite, but the whole poem is terrific.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Clare, thank you, I wasn't sure if it was too weird for anyone, guess not for at least one! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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