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It's that time again! Free Association wordplay from Lunaniña, followed by my poem or story. If you want to do the Free Associations, just click on this link for her Unconscious Mutterings meme. Each Saturday night or Sunday she posts ten words for you to free associate. It only takes a minute or two. And it is fun to follow the comment links and see what others associated with the same words. It might just surprise you!

  1. Situation :: sucks
  2. Theme song :: forget it
  3. Kelly :: Clarkson
  4. Club :: sandwich
  5. Swerve :: to miss
  6. Couch :: potato
  7. Bigfoot :: lives
  8. Arbitrary :: decision
  9. Inventor :: of much
  10. Blazer :: vehicle

And, of course, loving challenges with words, I had to try using the words in order without even changing the tenses. Sometimes a poem, sometimes a story. I look forward to Unconscious Mutterings both for the fun of seeing what associations my mind will form in her free association and in taking it that one extra step of using them with a semblance of sense.

Life Themes

Situation sucks
doesn't it

when you choose

a theme song
and he says,
"forget it,"
and turns the radio
off and switches
on TV, watches
Club Soccer,
stuffs his Dagwood
sandwich in his mouth
and watches his player
swerve to tackle,
only to miss?


And the couch potato
roars in frustration
as the kids in the next room
grin and the youngest says,
"Bigfoot lives!"
as he grabs his plastic
men and returns them to
safety under the bed
away from the forest
that is daily life.

Arbitrary decision
or not the oldest
boy walks into the
lair of the hairy
creature and says,
"Manchester United
is kicking your team's butt,
eh, Dad?" and walks
out the door and into
the night where he finds
his quiet with the
inventor of much,
the blazer of trails,
the vehicle of life to come

as she eats alone in the kitchen
humming "their" theme.


OK! You know the rules, do not copy my words or LunaNiña's. I asked for permission to use her words in my poems and post them here.


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Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

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