Poetry Thursday - Poppy

We were prompted to get inside a famous painting. . . I did. Fiction. . . Fiction. . . Pretend. . . .
Inside the studio:

Poppy Tells

"You have chosen wisely, Ms. O' Keefe."

"It's Georgia."

"Formality is called for, Ms. O' Keefe,
for I stand stark without a single leaf
to cover the stem that feeds my thirst,

I fear your eyes will go where they durst.

Formality is, in this case, a must,
else my cheeks betray their lack of trust
in my ability -- to keep my blush
from discoloring the burnt orange on your brush."

I tucked my petals around my stamen
in retreat, as she called out, "Damon,
bring quickly my purple lamb's wool coat."

She turned and stood -- (I must note)

to block my stem from Damon's view,
then draped her coat, as older lovers do,
across my stem. She sashayed back
picked up her brush and said. . . "Now, Jack."


(Oh, my, this is rough, but it just popped out and for some strange reason, I want it to stay.)

These words are mine.
Please, do not use them without my permission.
You are welcome, however, to link back to them.


Brian said...

I think it should stay. Such a contrast and the flowers voice is so clear.

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Hi Marcia,

Very funny poem. I giggled. ;)



Tammy said...

This was a wonderful poem! I have not even started mine yet...yikes! Nice to meet you!

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

I'd say if that is your definition of "rough," then I'm looking forward to reading all of the polished pieces! I think I found a new blog to read daily. I'm looking forward to more.

michelle said...

what a great poem! So vivid! :)

Marcia said...

Brian - Then it stays, only takes one! Funny, when you mentioned it was a flower, I realized that I never really thought of Poppy as a flower once the first words popped out.

Rose Dewey Knickers - Giggling is good.

Tammy - Nice to meet you. Get started! I can't read something that isn't there!

Shelly Kneupper Tucker - I'll write more, I promise (like I can stop it) (Ok, Rough was a bit of a protective cover. . . 'cause it was off the wall, I thought)

Michelle - I tried to make it vivid since her painting is so awesome!

Thanks, y'all for reading and encouraging me by commenting!

Jone said...

I love this painting of O'Keefe's. What a great take on it. Thanks for visiting.

Kimberley McGill said...

What I liked about this piece is the element the protective feeling of the artist toward her art - that the paint on the canvas does not make just a picture, but something alive.

Crafty Green Poet said...

This is a fun read. I love Georgia O'Keefe's paintings too.

Marcia said...

Jone - I saw a copy of this painting at a museum shop. It was amazing.

Kimberley McGill - Unintentionally protective on my end, it just came out.

Crafty Green Poet - Fun was part of the process of writing it. It was a bit fun.

Thank y'all for reading my poem and taking your time to comment on it. We may write for ourselves, but the added thrill is someone reading our words and getting them or at least appreciating our efforts.

madd said...

great poem..and yes your words should stay..don't you just love O'Keefe..her stuff is amazing..thanks for the visit..m

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