It's Fib Day! Open Gates

Open Gates. . . (in three parts)

Rule One

too tired
to think straight,
but fibs don't require
much more than showing up to play.


am halfway
to my life's demise;
one hundred fourteen will suffice.


once the gates
in our minds open:
to allow our hearts their forum.


These words are mine.
Please, do not use them without my permission.
You are welcome, however, to link back to them.


Brian said...

These are so cool, I like how you formated them and the topics.

Have a great weekend, I am going to be writing a poem a day for April, I hope to see you around. :)

Marcia said...

Brian - I love to do Fibs, I could do them all day long, whether they are great or not, they just feel right to do. Thank you for reading them and commenting. . I was going to do a poem a day on another site, but I think I will just do it here. Yes, I will be around.

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

I enjoy your poetry so much that I added you to my Link Love.

Marcia said...

Shelly Kneupper Tucker - Thank you.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Don't you LOVE Fibs? So easy and fun and yet they -- as all simple forms do -- allow for great insight and creativity.

Marcia said...

Lisa Lee Miller - I think it is that the form almost demands that we dig for the insight to make them more than just another sentence. I scatter them in all my blogs.

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This is but a one-sided conversation;
it takes you to make it more.

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