1. Hidden Realities

Hidden Realities

Cattle line the road,
their dark brown and white,
their black and white,
their tan hides

stand, then mosey along
in stark contrast to the
green that lines pale blue skies
broken by white capped monoliths
that rise above,
shoulders sloped to allow
heavy loads to slide easily
down into the streams
to spill life and heartache
on those below.

Cattle line the road,
their dark brown and white
their black and white
their tan hides
their simple moseying
hides their future fate
from our eyes
as the mountains majesty
hides what lies behind


Unedited, as it came. . .

These words are mine.
Please, do not use them without my permission.
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Brian said...

I like this. The fate of the cows beneath the mountains.. and we just passing by.

Rav`N said...

A very aptly titled poem. I really like it. Especially your description of how mountain streams bring both life and heartache. So true.

Ä‘poetic1© said...

I enjoyed this...

Marcia said...

Brian, Rav'n, Dpoetic1 - Thank you for commenting on my Hidden Realities - I struggled with the title and the poem started out just commenting on their coloring against the landscape and well, the other meaning, just jumped right on in. I love the excuse to write one poem a day.

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