16. As a Result

As a Result

Your fiery tongue
seers my mind,
sends shivers
down my spine.

I feel heat rise
in my body,
my brain demands
I look away,
remain uncaught,
like naughty children
my eyes disobey.

My words
catch in my throat
but are soon

along with
my dinner.



Now, I can't imagine you wanted to use these words, but if you have a sick sense of humor and want to share this, please feel free to link to it, so they know I labored over word choices. ;-)


Brian said...

Well, I was catching up after my weekend away from blogging. I was fine until this poem. ;)

Marcia said...

Brian, I can't stop laughing. I was just lamenting that no one would read my poor attempt at both humor AND a statement on world manners. . . and lo and behold, you decided to come back from hiatus and walked right into it soon after I posted it.
Just blame it on NaPoWriMo, or my usual not enough sleep excuse. Oh yeah, let me interrupt my laughter at your welcome back to the real world by saying thank you for reading and commenting. ;-)

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