One Deep Breath's Haiku prompt: Energy

Photo just eye candy, no relation to Haiku. . . .
although with imagination we could tie it in

Marriage - When Energy and Mass Are the Same. . .
Four Views

His mass moves mountains
to give my fragile dreams life
he does dishes, too.


One man, one woman
huddled together alone
explode into more.


One woman's brainstorms
combined with resolve and heart
create nirvana.


Einstein's theory
you work hard, I sit on couch


Obvious I was in a playful mood when I wrote these.

These are my words, please honor them and do not copy, link backs are welcome.


Brian said...

I love these!!!! LOL Amazing what creativity comes from a long marriage. ;)

Marcia said...

Brian - I suppose I should give him his due credit for some of the creativity, as a catalyst only. LOL Now he will want shared credit for my poems on marriage. Thanks, Brian, (said with some sarcasm), and for visiting and commenting (said with sincere thanks, no sarcasm).

Roswila said...

Really like that second one.

wrd·muser said...

These were awesome... I can see the energy in the pic. Plus I simply loved the views of love and marriage in your expressions. Well done!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like these snapshots of a relationship. I smiled particularly at the first, as my partner is out tonight so how are the dishes going to get done?

Tammy said...

You have playfully reminded us that marriage is teamwork. Charming haiku!

Colorful Prose said...

These are all great and so fun!

Regina Clare Jane said...

These were wonderful! I can so relate!

Marcia said...

Roswila - the second one was a personal favorite, because it originally meant energy only and then I realized it could be more.

Wrd-Muser - I'm so glad you saw energy in the picture. After nearly 33 years of marriage only to him, I definitely have some views, oh you meant, glimpses, not opinions. LOL.

Crafty Green Poet - I've found the trick is to have something really important come up and then he gets impatient and just starts helping me. . . and since he is stronger at everything than I, he's done in no time. :-)

Tammy - It is teamwork, although sometimes Chameleon thinks he is the only member of the team, I think. ;-)

Colorful Prose - I'm glad you found fun in them.

Regina Clare Jane - Relating to my words can be awful, but with these I don't think it is a bad thing. ;-)

Thank all of y'all for taking the time to read my Haiku and make comments. . . I know how much energy that takes. . . oh, another poem. . . bye

susanlavonne said...

These are great! I esp love the line "he does dishes too." (and LUCKY you!)

Marcia said...

SusanLavonne - I put that line merely to get a rise out of people, although he does do them a lot more than he should have to, all things considering. Thank you for commenting.

Jone said...

How fun. I like the last one especially.

Marcia said...

Jone - I liked the last one, too, but you should see the look I got when I read it to my husband tonight. . . hit too close to home for him. Thank you for commenting!

Remiman said...

You hit the jackpot with these! They are delightful and full of insight too I might add.

I do the dishes
When she cooks evening meal
vice versa also.
Thanks for starting my day with a broad smile. (that would be wide not gender, LOL)

Sandy said...

What fun poems! I loved them, and will share them with my husband!

Marcia said...

Rel (Remiman)/i> Ahh, it made me happy you wrote a Haiku in my comments to show true teamwork! We have that, too. . . honest;-)

Asides/parenthetical remarks are always welcome here! Thank you for sharing.

Marcia said...

Sandy - I'm so glad you want to share my poems with your husband! Thank you for commenting on them.

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