17. Sleep, Defined

Sleep, Defined

acute awareness
peppered with thoughtless tossing
definition, sleep


lazy shift toward
regeneration of self
dreams behind veiled eyes


bodies meld as one
from heat captured and released
souls dream together


Please, read my words, feel my words, share my words if you are so inclined, but acknowledge my worth, by sending my authorship with my words.


Brian said...

I love the first one. Diane always says that I toss and turn all night.

Marcia said...

Brian - the first line popped in my head while still in bed, and I had to work to find the other words. Got up, lost the all important second word, panicked, it came rushing back. Whew. That tossing and turning is our torrent of words fighting to be the first out.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the last one, beautiful and romantic

Marcia said...

Crafty Green Poet - The last one's middle line took a lot of thought to keep it seven syllables and I was determined I would do it or else! That line came after the first and last and I am quite attached to it.
Thank you for commenting!

david santos said...

Hello, Marcia!
Very beautiful and very romantic. Thank you and have a good day

Marcia said...

David Santos - I am so glad you and Crafty Green Poet both saw beauty and romance. I just had to reread my own words to accept those two words, I only felt, not defined, earlier. Thank you for commenting!

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