18. Building Blocks of Life

He left
another stolen moment,
his first job
a stone's throw reach.

I'd see him much later
for tea and apple pie
(or other fattening stuff!)

He rarely spends a day
on the phone
rather like tossing
his beloved dog a bone
that's slobbered over
between tail wags and barks
another stolen moment

He called early,
close by,
asking my preference
in scone or loaf
(or other fattening stuff)

and spent
his extra minutes
driving up the hill,
warmed his coffee
and gave me mine,
(and other fattening stuff)

a brief
(and smile and look)
and he
back down the hill
another stolen moment

the building blocks of life.


These blocks were stacked by me, please stack your own rather than mine. . . it will be more fun for you - that way - you can stack the ones you choose. Feel free to link back if my words catch your eye.


Jone said...

The rhythm soothed me. Love the line, "a stolen moment". This made me smile.

Brian said...

Where would we be w/o stolen moments. I like how you usedd the "fattening stuff)

Marcia said...

Jone - Stolen moment has become my favorite phrase, those extra seconds with someone I love. I'll take them anyway I can get them.

Brian - "fattening stuff" - my mind was playing in the background, too, with that one. . .

Thank you both for commenting on my playful poem on my life.

This Eclectic Life said...

Stolen moments, so beautifully defined. I dropped in to read this morning, and got chills of delight up my spine once again. Thank you.

Marcia said...

This Eclectic Life - Thank you. I wish the world more stolen moments and the wherewithal to recognize their worth.

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