19. Sunburned Dreams

Sunburned Dreams

Living on acres and acres,
our children and children's
wandering in and out,
except when my home made
sign was posted:
Keep Out: Genius At Work

For them the sign would mean
their grandmother was
waxing poetic words
(certainly not the floor)
and needed a moment's peace.

Only he and I
would know the naked truth
behind the sign:
that poetry
(of the written
sort) takes only
moments in time;
the genius at work
behind the doors
was really letting
nature have its
due - and the two
of us, too.

Today, my dreams
are sunburned by
life realities, the ten
was only one
(but a magnificent one, at that)
the acres became one third
(of one)
and will become much
less than soon
and the one third is
not buoyed by currents
of laughter from youth
(except the boys next door)
but I (we) still have moments
of waxing poetic

and, better late than never,
future little ones
of the magnificent one
(and his better half)
may someday
cross the country on planes
or trains or magic carpets
to see my sign in person,
Keep Out, Genius At Work

Only time will tell just which
naked truth will be
behind that sign.


Ah, an attempt at really writing the poems I joked about for Thursday Thirteen this week. So: my words, my attempt at taking an off the wall title and making it work. . . link to it, laugh at it, or ignore it, but, please, the words are mine. You can have your own go at the titles, though!


Brian said...

Knock, knock. ;)

Oh sorry, I'll come back when you have finished.

What's that? Hours and hours later?


Marcia said...

Brian, did I insinuate it took me that long to write poetry?
Thank you for commenting (and knocking).

In my words:

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it takes you to make it more.

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