20. His Wife

just what is,
in the second half
of your life the very best part

and he
replied this:
bringing the best part
of my life into the second.


Please, leave my words here. They are not yours to take, I earned these.


This Eclectic Life said...

I love that...I wish I'd said that...what a great love poem! It makes me cry.

Marcia said...

This Eclectic Life - I wish I had said it, too, Leon actually said that in a contest recently (about me!) - it is a true story, it is online for the baby boomers to read. . . Made me cry!! (He didn't win though. . . except with me!)

MarillaAnne said...

Hello! Just de-cloaking to let you know I do stop by and enjoy your words so much :)

Thanks for the encouragement you've given me re my haiku attempts.


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