Bridge Effects

One Deep Breath's Haiku Prompt: Bridges
I love bridges! Was hard to just choose two photos to post. . .

Icicle tears melt
creating rivers where earth
welcomed life before.


Arched steel begins here
to end in worlds less traveled
Life challenge beckons


Red-orange coated steel
pulls my gaze away from trees
to colors of heart


Skies blush pale night nears
stars lay in wait for darkness
Now! Leap out to shine


Deep red arch declares
its strength against nature's wrath
daring earth's quaking


oft painted girders
red against nature's soft blue
contrast signals life.


Top bridge is over creek at Lewis Street park, Monroe, WA that feeds the Skykomish River, taken after recent flood, which gratefully was less than the last one.

Bottom bridge is over the channel at La Conner, WA, the most wonderful of towns!

These words are mine.
Please, do not use them without my permission.
You are welcome, however, to link back to them.


Sandy said...

Wow, are these all good! Love your symbolism and photos of real bridges.

Marcia said...

Sandy, thank you for seeing the symbolism and for commenting on them.

Jone said...

The first haiku really struck me. It can get pretty wild up there. Lovely photos as well.

Roswila said...

That last ku is quite wonderful, IMHO. :-)

Marcia said...

Roswila - it was the last one I wrote, and one of my favorites as well! Thank you for commenting.

Brian said...

Love the haiku and pictures.

Neasa said...

"Red-orange coated steel
pulls my gaze away from trees
to colors of heart"

This is my favorite - nice work!

Marcia said...

Jone - Wild and beautiful up here, I still can't believe it took me 54 years to find this, but ever so excited we did! Thank you for your comment!

Marcia said...

Brian- Thank you for seeing good in my photos and Haiku and for commenting.

Neasa - I love that one because it internalizes what I felt that day. Thank you for commenting on it.

wrd·muser said...

I enjoyed all of your haiku's! Some were so inspirational to life.

Regina Clare Jane said...

These were all wonderful! I liked the one with the stars leaping out to shine!

Marcia said...

Wrd Muser - That you saw some inspirational to life is great!

Regina Clare Jane - The stars was the child in me playing hide 'n seek I think as much as loving the stars.

Thank you both for commenting on my Haiku.

AnnieElf said...

Amazing how one picture can inspire so much word beauty, so many impressions.

Marcia said...

Anneleelf - Thank you for seeing word beauty here and for commenting.

Remiman said...

I can tell that you love bridges. ;-)
I liked the first haiku and photo best. For me the feel of nature in the raw creates a bridge between my mind and the creator.
I like the others because the tell of your peace with where you are.

Marcia said...

Rel - The first was done last, I had totally forgotten about that photo! The second photo I had to crop to get identifiable people out of and lost the water as well. It is amazing to me that you read the peace in those. Thank you for commenting on them.

jem said...

Nice batch. I really like the last one, its a certain simplicity and contrast and I retain it as a whole.

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