9. Whiskey Night Revisited

OK, thanks to Ed (he knows who he is), for writing a ditty on Irish Whiskey which fed this somewhat but not related poem!

Admission time: I did NOT know the definition of "duff" when writing this poem, I looked it up once I wrote it. . . I was SOOOOO excited when I realized I could keep it in under both definitions. . . in my mind at least.

"Duff ", by definition, is basically a layer of organic litter on the forest floor -- decomposing litter -- that is. Perfect word for this, I think.

Slang for it is found here: Urban Dictionary, but I was thinking more of the U.K definition, number 7. . . don't go reading more into it!

Oh, yeah, the poem, post the poem. . . Only one today!

Whiskey Night Revisited

I don't do whiskey,
well didn't. . .
until that night on the bluff
with him

My blonde hair spread out
on the moss. . . .
after much tossing about (and stuff)
beneath him

I'll never do whiskey,
not again. . .
I'd rather take a cuff
from him

than go to sleep a blonde
and wake
seen as a redheaded duff
by him.


In case you are wondering:
this is fiction and no harm
is/was meant toward redheads, it was
merely a reference to the poem that
prompted this. (Nor do I condone being
cuffed up the side of the head - poetic
license, here.)

These words are mine.
Please, do not use them without my permission.
You are welcome, however, to link back to them.


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a fun, clever poem! Best, JP

Brian said...

Sure Marcia, we know how you really feel. ;)

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