Life Facts - to be continued

Life fact 1

Hand fed carrots
not carats
are the true
joy in life.

Life fact 2

A diamond
in the rough
when polished
just shows the facets
in waiting.

Life fact 3

Cattle prods
are nothing more
than an electrified
nagging woman.

(Hey, all in fun, y'all)

Life fact 4

Good writing should connect
with the reader more often
than printing
connects the letters.

Life fact 5

Hunger for life unfed
leaves a hole in the heart
as big as the one in our stomachs.


These words are mine.
Please, do not use them without my permission.
You are welcome, however, to link back to them.


This Eclectic Life said...

Life fact #5 is one that those of us addicted to blogging need to have posted on the screen!

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Carats? Or carrots? I guess it depends on what he looks like. ;)

Marcia said...

This Eclectic Life - I agree!

Rose Dewy Knickers - My, My. Or. . . .

Thank you both for commenting on my life facts!

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Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

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