One Deep Breath's prompt for the week: Sleep

Photo taken at sunrise through the screen.


light penetrates blinds
sleep gives way to restless breaths
dream releases hold.


Please, enjoy my words and photos, but do not share them without asking. Thank you.


Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, those first moments of realization that our sleep is over and a new day begins... restless breaths indeed...
Just lovely, Marcia.

Crafty Green Poet said...

What a beautifully atmospheric photo! I like your phrase 'dream releases hold' - yes that's how it feels waking up!

susanlavonne said...

ahhhhh...just seeing your photo and reading your poem is relaxing...

Sandy said...

What a great way to wake up! The photo is dreamlike, too.

Anonymous said...

I second crafty green poet on 'dream releases hold' - although for me it sometimes feel more like a steely grip! lovely photo and haiku of awakening

Tammy said...

Lovely view and "dream releases hold" was very cool.

Remiman said...

Well done lady!
I like waking up that way, almost as much as I enjoy falling into dreamland.;-)

Marcia said...

Regina Clare Jane, Crafty Green Poet, Susanlavonne, Sandy, Unfolding Rose, Remiman. Thank you all for commenting on my Haiku. It is so interesting to see which aspect of a poem and photo other poets focus on and how we don't always focus on the same point. I was so excited that I was restless that morning last year and caught that sunrise, I could not believe my luck.

Patois said...

If the dream releases its hold to allow me to witness that beauty, I'd be happy indeed. Lovely haiku and photo.

Marcia said...

Patols - It was indeed a beautiful sight, I had no idea I had missed that view most mornings. Thank you for commenting.

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