Thirst Quenched

Poetry Thursday's prompt this week - use their new Randomizer. (You will find it in their middle column.) I chose three words: Woven -- Balm -- Desert. A childhood memory jumped into the middle of my attempt. Yesterday was/would have been Mom's birthday and Dad's birthday is/would have been June 22; sandwiched by their birthdays, my unconscious chose to include one of the few activities we did as a family every summer in Florida. (Yes the photo is out here, unable to scan until I solve a few computer problems.)

Thirst Quenched

Breezes rustling
browned leaves of palm trees
wilted in desert heat
soothe her parched

Is it not water
that quenches thirst?


She carries canteens
woven of life lived,
filled with memories
of Gulf waters tickling
her ankles
and spitting ice water at
her sunburned skin
soles (scalded by their trek
to the snow cone man) sink
into playful quicksand.

Welcome tears soothe
salt-filled eyes
as she brings
sweet cherry syrup mixed
with ice to her
lips and braces for brain freeze
in her greediness to drink
in the opposite of heat.

She savors it
- just enough -
for paper cone to break down
to mush.

Thirst quenched repeatedly.


I hope you got something, however small, from my words, but please, do not use them without permission. I'm sure you have your own memories. . . .


Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Very deep poem Marcia, we really enjoyed this, it has lots of depths and meanings. I love the "She carries canteens woven of life lived" line, it's beautiful. :)



Marcia said...

Rose Dewey Knickers - I love that line, too, couldn't remember the word "canteen", had to use the Thesaurus to find it, LOL. I'm so happy you read into it! Thank you for commenting on it.

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