On Common Ground

One Deep Breath's Haiku prompt this week is "Common Ground"

Shared leisure

though room to spread out
sheep and cows laze together
example noted



twelve and fifty-seven
one six foot styrofoam plane
two pilots compete


Comfort Food

one chocolate cake
attacked by two forks at once
two chocolate grins


Please, do not copy my words without permission, Thank you.


Rose Dewy Knickers said...

changed template this time
more space to write what she needs
any chocolate left



Colorful Prose said...

All three of these were excellent and thought-provoking. Great moments of complicity.

Marcia said...

Rose Dewy Knickers - No chocolate left, just two chocolate grins! (Liked your poem)

Colorful prose - Glad you found them thought provoking. Thank you.

Thank you both for commenting.

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