3WW - Alley Jump

I am on a roll, not sure if it is good or bad, but I am having fun. Good old Bone posted three words today: stroke -- summer -- love. I looked at them and panicked. But this popped out of my blonde (with some gray) head. . . and how on earth I came up with this, I will never know, but it felt, for a moment like it was November and NaNoWriMo, I could have kept writing for hours. . . but, luckily for you, I didn't: And it is NOT a poem (obviously) and totally NOT true. I give you:

Alley Jump

This is my story and I'm sticking to it. Part 1

I was sitting in the back of Mac's shop, after hours, the window barely pushed open, with my tape recorder on to capture life in the alley after hours. After all, that is what writers do, isn't it? And I meant to make a name for myself quick! At 57 and then some, I needed to make up for lost time. Mac locked me in and left, told me he had no time for that bull, that he was going home to sleep. He gave me that look he gives me when I am about to do something he thinks is stupid. (You all know that look, I'm not the only one he gives it to.) So, I won't tell you about the other things I overheard in the hours before this. This is the story I like, so this is the one you are going to get. Yeah, it's between a gal and a dude.

"Stop doing stuff like that! I almost had a stroke!"

"Quit being such a wimp, it was just a joke."

"Scaring the heck out of someone in a dark alley is not a joke, Humphrey. I could have really had a heart attack."

"First, stop calling me Humphrey, I am not some stuffy old man that sits in a den filled with mildewed books all day whose skin has turned sallow with age and lack of sun and drink after drink." (He was after all 6' 2", with more muscle than the average man needed, but not so much to look gross.)


He ignored her word. "And anyone stupid enough to walk down an alley at this hour, deserves the heart attack, then maybe they would spend the recovery time in the hospital revisiting their brain."

"I had to get home."

"You didn't have to go to the pub anyway. You could have gone to the theatre with me."

"Oh yeah, me, go to the theatre with all the other stuffy old men, Humphrey? No, thanks. And you will notice, no one jumped out at me in this alley, except you, and you are supposed to be my friend."

"Just look over here, Ms. Priss. Here's why they didn't jump out at you."

She walked over to the garbage cans he was pointed at, straining to see in the dim light. She didn't hesitate to move one of the cans to see what was behind them, she was no woos. She had lived on her own for 5 years now.

Her initial reaction was deep bellied laughter. "Did you do this? Is that why your shirt is torn? And your hair so stupid looking?"

"Could you can with the stupid remarks?"

He held his right hand up so she could see it. Knuckles torn and bloody, one finger splayed at an unnatural angle, his wrist swollen.

"Had you gotten here first, it would have been you they jumped, in both senses of the word. Now, I'm hungry, let's go eat. I could use some of your scrambled eggs and toast. . . and maybe a jump, myself."

Hate was left behind in the alley for the cops or a drunk to find. After all, the summer night had just turned to a beautiful summer dawn. So, the first of many stories I've gotten on paper for you to read. Now, when is Mac going to show up and unlock this door. I could use some scrambled eggs and a jump myself, the loving kind.


And please, I know one of you is shaking your head, but don't copy my words without permission. Thank you.

To find Bone and 3WW and the links to the other fun writers playing along, click here!


Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Me likes! *clapping hands and squealing*

Beat that Hate up, knock it down, rock and sock him. :)

I like your ending, we all need the good kind of jump know and then.



Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Rose Dewey Knickers - you made me laugh! Flat out loud laugh. Thank you. And, of course, I say with an almost straight face, I have NO idea what you are talking about. . .

gay said...

Good that you were inspired. That's what I love about 3WW. They energize and get the juices flowing.

pia said...

I do know about needing to make up for lost time

Glad it turned into a beautiful summer dawn

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, Marcia! What a great start this is off to; I wish you HAD kept writing!

Thanks for visiting and leaving me lots of comments. For cleaner kitchens than the one you met today, check out Mitchell and Kerri's Kitchen, and Daniel and Val's kitchen. Both are MUCH cooler.

I hope you'll come back my way more often!

gautami tripathy said...

Sometimes, good turn of events do take place making us feel elated.

Keep posting!

Clockworkchris said...

Everyone is going to talk about that ending for years to come. You should keep reposting this for just the shock value of that. I have never heard of a "postivive jump" but whatever floats your boat. I prefer making love. I used to break up with a woman the first time she said she wanted to "F***." Just doesn't work for me. The story however does. Perfect in every way and gripping. :)

Judy said...

good morning. I found you via Bone. What a picture you drew! This sounds like it could be part of a larger piece. It would be interesting to find out more about those two characters and their relationship.

Bone said...

I am not some stuffy old man that sits in a den filled with mildewed books all day whose skin has turned sallow with age and lack of sun and drink after drink.

Really love that description. And you say you write few stories?

Thanks for participating!

uberjam said...

wow. this had me pausing for a bit so i could absorb everything.

interesting read! :)

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

OK, I can't keep up this week! I'm trying to learn more html, bugging people for help, trying to keep up too many blogs and I am missing a LOT of interesting reads. . .I will catch up and read all y'all's - probably next week.

Tomorrow is our 33rd anniversary and I get away with way too much, so at least for the next few days I need to be more than a writer/blogger: you know, things like, housekeeper, wife, shopper, celebrator. . .heehee. It is only fair, actually less than fair, he deserves more.

Gay - I love prompts, too.

Pia - that beautiful summer dawn was a last ditch effort because I had forgotten to use the word summer. In fact, I used one word, totally forgot about the other, and had to scramble at the end to use them, so Bone definitely helped write the ending. LOL.

Susan Helene Gottfried - I'll keep writing, this was a FUN story, I can see doing more of these. . .oops. . . I will check out their kitchens!

Gautami Tripathy - I love those sometimes.

Clockworkchris - Can I frame your words! Part of them anyway. "positive jump" was new to me, too, right out of my head.

Judy - Suppose I will have to create a relationship for them, maybe we should write about them as our second stage play after Script Frenzy. Hmmm.

Bone - I don't come up with descriptions like that often! Wish I could. It should be me thanking you for letting me. Too much fun. (So, thank you.)

All of y'all. I cannot express well how much I appreciate you for taking the time to comment.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Uberjam - you snuck in there while I was typing. I like that you paused to absorb. Thank you. And thank you so much for commenting.

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