Take Four. Print

Poetry Thursday's prompt was supposed to be "bring in the humor". I've succeeded at humor before and usually react to prompts quite well. . . this time I tossed several attempts. It felt kind of like trying to purposely flirt on demand - just doesn't happen - even with my husband, but if I'm in the mood to flirt - there is no stopping me. (Don't read into that! That was not a behind the scenes read between the lines thing.)

There, guess that will have to be the humor part of this week's prompt, though you may see a bit in what came out today - on demand.

Take Four, Print

New toy,
she shouted out
with glee. . .

(OK, so that is cliche)
Try again, please.

New toy,
she gloated
as she walked on air. . .

(Oops, another cliche)
Try again, please.

New toy,
she cried
overcome with joy. . .

(Not another one)
Try again, PLEASE.

New toy,
New toy,
New toy,
New toy,
want to play?

(and she took my heart in hers)
Yes, please!


Please, do not copy my words without permission. Thank you.


Clockworkchris said...

Very cute-I like seeing the different attempts-that was funny in it's own way. Much better than many I will end up reading I am sure. You accomplished your goal and I did get some laughter and smiles.

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Yes, yes, it's all about me and my toys... don't read anything in to that. ;)

Hope you are well Marcia, busy I know, but things are good here.



Marcia said...

Clockworkchris - I am excited you saw the "attempts" as exactly what they were. You made me smile! Thank you for commenting today.

Marcia said...

Rose Dewy Knickers - I knew the she in the poem was someone with personality. . . GRIN. Thanks for letting me know the toys are yours!

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