Three Word Wednesday - although a day late

hopefully, not a dollar short. I have thought about participating in this for months, but originally envisioned writing a story around the words, a long story. Shelby writes just a sentence and I always love reading them, so, since I am trying to learn to say more in less, I've decided this is the perfect challenge to do between Haiku and Poetry Thursday. I may post a poem, a thought, or an un-poetic mess .

So, no time but the present! (And thanks to Shelby for leading me to Bone, who posts the challenge.). Join in?

gain -- oblivious -- jewelry

He tried to gain
entrance to her heart
through jewelry, but found
she was oblivious to bling
and sought only a man's soul.


Please, put your words in your own order. Do not use my combination without permission.


Bone said...

Hi, MeeAugraphie. Nice poem. I'm quite sure no one else used the phrase "oblivious to bling" this week :)

Welcome to 3WW. Hope to see you back next week.

Marcia said...

Bone, I'll be back, it is too much fun not to. I liked the smile you shared, I don't mind being different. Thank you for reading mine and commenting. Glad you let me participate.

Clockworkchris said...

This sounds like a wonderful idea. I would like a reason to have to post everyday. Today was going to go down in the record books as "the worst day of my life...so far" but then I calmed down a bit. Yesterday my wife was fired because her position was 'eliminated,' and today work was terrible-full of threats, tears, and langauge. Then I got home, watched a movie and read your comments. The comments more than anything else made this day turn out okay-I really appreciate that dearly. I would love to develop a friendship from this because you made a tremendous difference in my life, and probably were not even trying. I think I can take a step forward tomorrow with a smile. By the way, you did an awesome job with the three words. Hope this wasn't an overload. I'll be brief in the other comments. :)

Marcia said...

Chris, brevity is never needed, besides yours was not even long. I love comments probably as much as you do -- and mine are many times way too long, but that is who I am.

As frustrating as it is, positions are eliminated and we have to regroup and find another way to get through our days. . that doesn't lessen the pain, but it gives us a direction, we head through it however we can. I know one person who has recovered quickly and one who has not, the one who did not got lost in their depression.

As for bad days, one job I cried nearly every day when I got home for two long awful years - every day is only the slightest of exaggerations. It got better, but I know it does not always.

That I made a difference for you in any way has made my day. . . most of us want to make a difference, don't we? People have helped my family since I can remember over the years, sometimes by actions, sometimes by a kind word and I am still grateful.

I'll be back to read more, I love your poetry. I hope your day tomorrow goes better, both you and your wife.

Franx Budi said...

It's so touch my heart..really nice

Marcia said...

Franx Budi - How great that it touched your heart, thank you. And thank you for taking the time to comment.

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