Ethan, a child prodigy

Now six years old, appearing in concert and on TV, but you have to listen to him play his original composition done at age 5. Yes, YOU MUST take a moment to see a young musician tell a story -- if you are a poet or writer or a lover of children or just a human with feelings. And to further encourage you, if you listen to his explanation at the beginning of what the music is about, and then listen to what he plays, you will witness his success at carving that story out of the piano.

Then if you wish, watch other videos of him playing classical music - by memory.

The child poet via piano. You must click a few times to get to the song; his website is not set up to link directly to the section, but it is only a moment and we are poets, we stop to smell the roses and watch grass growing, right?

Click below, but remember where to click after that before you go if you only have time for one song segment (or just listen to it all):

click on the Repertoire button
click on Ethan's composition
click on The Pine Tree -- (it is the only one so far)

if you listen closely to his explanation of what the song is about --- you can't help but have it go to your heart



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Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

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