Unbidden Reaction

Parked beneath somber skies
wind rushed
from cracked window
to cracked window
sending my bones
toward rebellion.

My hand reached
between the seats
for the quilt

unbidden by conscious thought

for my mind and heart
at war


My heart
to be wrapped in his arms
my mind wanted only

My soul wanted only to stare
at the somber skies,
to shed tears the sky refused to release.

It was the playful nip on my hand
as it touched the forgotten furry ball
nuzzling beneath the blanket
that brought
mind and heart and soul
to one place.

I wrapped my arms instead
around my dog,
my mind rejected spite.

I stared at the somber sky
rubbed my bleeding hand
and the sky cried
with my soul.


Please respect this poet's rights and do not copy words without permission. Thank you.


Crafty Green Poet said...

Pets can be such a comfort at times like this.

Marcia said...

Crafty Green Poet - I have no pets now, but was thinking about a couple of friends when I wrote this and then remembered back to having conversations with our Doberman the few years we had him, of course, he was not a ball of fluff. Pets are comforting, very comforting. Thank you for commenting!

photoscorinnetakes said...

I love 'sending bones towards rebellion' and the image of reaching between the seats.

It's a lovely poem.

Marcia said...

Photoscorrinetakes - It took a couple of crossed out ideas to get to "sending bones toward rebellion". Thank you for commenting.

Mandy said...

a very neatish little poem that avoids giving too much away too soon.

Marcia said...

Mandy - I'm glad I didn't give it away too soon, but it was only because it came to me as I got to it.LOL. Thank you for commenting.

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