3WW - Extremes

I am supposed to be away from the computer, but could not let 3WW escape me. So, I threw this together quickly, no pride in doing it perfectly today, only in the doing. Back to work. (me, not you)

Bone came up with these three awesome words: endless - ought - shadow. Play along here!


There ought be sunlight
in your heart to turn endless darkness
into shadow
for you can
- get by -
with the latter
but not with
darkness alone.

There ought to be darkness
in your heart to turn endless brightness
into shadow
for you can
- get by -
with the latter
but will tire with
brightness alone.


Please, do not copy my words, use them to inspire your words instead! Thank you.


gautami tripathy said...

The contrasting images work very well.

I like the use of -get by- . It kind of bridges.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Gautami Tripathy - I am glad you liked the contrast. Thank you for commenting.

Gay said...

The contrast makes the piece, and captures truth. You can't recognize one without the other.

Brian said...

Maybe because it's 90 degrees and 60% humidity, but my brain is having a hard time understanding these poems.

Or the fact that I've been editing all day. ;)

Bone said...

Very interesting. Made me think :) I guess I took it as sort of, if there were no sad times, we wouldn't recognize and appreciate the happy times. And vice versa.

Clockworkchris said...

Have you ever heard of the serenity prayer from AA. I could change that a bit to fit a comment for this and say "Grant me the serenity to accept that..." I am always way too bright or too dark and never in between. I literally am the definition of the word "extremes." Man I can't wait for the next Dr. appt. I am going nuts reading all this stuff that is ME. The third stanza would have to be about the Grey area that is needed because the two extremes alone don't work too well. Makes venting very bad.

Lara Croft said...

Beautiful words and thoughts - LC

Sabine said...

Very good, and, as you intended, inspiring.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Gay, Bone, Lara Croft, Sabine - Thank you for commenting on this poem. There is a lot of truth to contrasts, but personally, I hate to accept that darkness is needed to accept light, yet I unconsciously wrote that.

Brian - I can't expect everyone to always understand my words, I tend to rely more on your feeling them, and I do not always accomplish that, but I am grateful you took time from your editing to read them.

ClockworkChris - I do not suffer the highs and lows to your degree, but enough that I understand your words. The gray is what gives us rest from the two extremes. I wish gray for you, for a moment or two. Thank you for reading my words.

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