3WW - Tae Kwon Do Test

Bone made it interesting today! Even posted the words early. So, the following three words are his choice for our use in Three Word Wednesday:
- envelope
- negligible
- resent

You simply must play along - and read as many words of the participants as you can. We are such a mixed bunch of writers. Thoughts, poems, or stories, you just never know what you will read.

Tae Kwon Do Test

Push the envelope
he demanded
pulling himself
a bit more upright

his lack of self-confidence
negligible compared to his
need to stifle their
deprecating remarks

Resent no one
he reminded
pushing his body
as he kicked his foot out

waist high
wood splintered
the holder's body recoiled

Up yours, doubters,
he thought
bowing respectfully
swaggering inside.


These words are not meant to be copied, then why would you?


Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Hi Marcia,

I like this poem, so vigorous, you can hear the thoughts breaking the wood.



gautami tripathy said...

Whoever thought of writing a poem on Tae Kwon Do? You did so well.

An aside: My nephew was a national Tae Kwon Do silver medallist in his weigt category.

Gay said...

I don't know how you can write a poem faster than a story. I couldn't in a million years, yet you've captured the image perfectly. Well done, AGAIN.

Clockworkchris said...

Pretty cool idea-I took martial arts but never got to board breaking. I did it for five years and attempting to break a 4"x4" on my own in my backyard for years when I got angry. They don't budge, sometimes not even with a sledge hammer. I would love to know the regulation board size. You make me think a lot-that is good.

Gay said...

Hey, there, Marcia...

Read your question on my blog about the boot. In case you don't go back for an answer, there's an intervening episode with a photo at Norbert and Smedley. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


pia said...

waist high
wood splintered
the holder's body recoiled

just copying this because I really liked it.

Wonderful way of using the words. Like the poem very much

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Rose Dewy Knickers, Gautami Tripathy, Gay,Clockworkchris,Pia - Thank you all for taking the time to comment on this. I broke boards in my class, but not the size you were trying, Chris! A simple 1"x 10"(or 12", not sure) and about 18" long. I'm glad y'all liked it a bit, I wasn't sure.

Bone said...

Ah, if only everyone would do their swaggering on the inside :)

Good job, Marcia.

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