Poetry Thursday - Wasteland

(I have to thank Gay, her comment on another post about how quickly I write had me hunting for this post, I found it still sitting in the drafts. Stop by and read her words. She us up to Episode 12 in Norbert and Smedley! It is good stuff.)

I wrote this for Poetry Thursday this morning. We are being given free rein. Check out what everyone else wrote by following their links in comments at the Poetry Thursday link above. . . interesting stuff!


None bloom in the wasteland
that is his alone
Neither past nor present
seeds sent more than
naked stems for him
to gather

Touch, like that
of a baby's bottom
or a young woman's face
was unknown to his
withered hands

Voices raised in laughter
or choked in tears
remained elusive
blown away
in perfumed air
that never stopped
at his door


This draft written in six minutes, I stumbled a moment on the wording of the last verse. For a fun look at what parenthood COULD be, if we would all only allow ourselves, click on this fictional poem written just moments before I wrote this one.

Mostly Untapped Power of Parents

After writing that one I thought about how much many of us fail to remember they are just kids, that melancholy came out in the next poem I wrote Wasteland. It was written from a prompt of ten words. I love prompts of any kind.

For that one or two of you out of thousands lurking in the blogosphere and preparing to grab someone else's words as yours - don't. It is unbecoming and plain rotten. Besides, only I can be me or any other poets/writers be themselves. Our words just wouldn't be a good fit for you!


gautami tripathy said...

The last stanza is perfect as for I am concerned!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Gautami Tripathy - Thank you for commenting today. It is nice that it is appreciated that much.

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