I promise I will catch up

Between trying to change things on my blogs and lost in my writing and too many links to follow, I have gotten behind on reading everyone's poems and stories. Then Script Frenzy started today and YES! we got started on our script, Which Way Did It Go?, and we actually have a plan! So, for June I may get behind a tad bit more, especially since Leon is on vacation as of tonight. (And I totally forgot! See what retirement and excessive blogging does.) So, we are going to be really busy working. . . and writing. . . but I will catch up.


In my words:

This is but a one-sided conversation;
it takes you to make it more.

I reserve the right to not post comments that I feel are not in keeping with my values on this blog, which basically means: no spam, no blatant advertisements, no hate, no inappropriate language. Agreeing with me is not a requirement, discussion is welcome.

Help Put Peace in the Forefront of our Minds:


Life Contrast:
~ Bold & Tentative ~ Poetic & Terse ~ Bright & Dull ~
~ Patient & Intolerant ~ Oblivious & Aware ~
~ Understanding & Incomprehension ~
~ Willing & Unwilling ~ Able & Unable ~
~ Living & Hiding ~
Memes encourage discovery:
Memes encourage reaching inside out:
Memes encourage finding hidden good in all:
only the good
Memes encourage architecture combined with nature:
one deep breath
Memes encourage thought:

It took binoculars to see you

Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

June 1st we celebrated our 33rd anniversary by: