Charity Path Visited

Charity Path Visited

A single

in your heart


to your brain
to shut down

can begin

your brain commands
your fingers to work:
on telephone keys
on keyboards

they hold ink
shovels and brooms
money or food


one variable
the outcome:

How fast does
your heart shut down
the signal to your brain?
Before it make it all the
way to your fingers?


This poem was inspired by the first sentence that popped out of my head this morning while writing a post to spotlight Shelly's Share A Square Afghans for Kids with Cancer campaign.

Even if your fingers will not make the move to a crochet hook, just putting a button on your side bar or posting on it might bring those that do flying out of their chair and to their stash of leftovers.

Of course, the real reason to participate in some way is comfort. There is not a writer among us that doesn't understand that word.

If you are hesitating in the least, jump here to read my real attempt at promotion of her idea. Aren't you the least bit curious how my mind would work around that! ? (I think I came across as a drill sergeant rather than a promoter - not that I have natural skills at either.)

I'm not even posting the don't copy notice on this one, because I KNOW anyone reading a post with the word "Charity" in it is NOT one of those people that would.


Clockworkchris said...

Wow, what a strange ending. I like it. Just not what I expected. Also love that you finally just found another way to say don't copy this. Loved "your brain commands your fingers to work," yes it does.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Clockworkchris - I had procrastination on my mind the whole way through, but I kept it to myself til the end. That was my favorite phrase! Thank you for commenting.

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