Script Frenzy - slow progress, interrupted

We are only at 1400 words or so. We had an idea so the beginning and ending scenes are written in draft form. House got in the way.

Then tonight, my brother, a songwriter/musician, emails with a brilliant idea for a one man stage play for Leon. . . Just the premise, mind you, and the major set piece (not that I have a clue how we would pull that part off). He ends the email with these parting words, "Let the words start flowing, I want to see the play!!!!!" I wanted to say, then write it, but that would take the fun away from us doing it.

So, Leon got so excited by the premise, that I said we could put the other play on hold and write the new one instead. His mind is just churning. . . We have the basic characters thought out, my brother's idea solved scene changes right up front. I solved one little problem already, but I know Leon will end up writing this one mostly himself. . . this is all playing right into my wifely hands. . . I know he is a writer. . . I LOVE BEING RIGHT!

Now the chances of getting either of them to 20,000 words by June 30th is becoming slimmer each day - and I hate to not get that little badge for my blogs -- so, you know what will happen don't you? If it looks like his one man play is not getting enough of his time, I am just going to write most of the first one myself. . . Then we can edit it together.

Someone, please remind me to, as Leon puts it, "back away from the computer". I get so involved I don't look up for hours and my eyes despise me for it. . . I even bought another alarm just to remind me. . . but I forget to set it. . .

Ah, writing, what a way to live. . .


Clockworkchris said...

The way your post but the day before the month confuse me, anyway...I have a problem with the puter too and my wife is constantly saying I give it too much attention but it makes me happy so it's okay. I say go for it. All that can happen is you end up with your own novel (be sure to back it up in a secret place in case he tries to delete it) and then he can start over. Have fun!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Clockworkchris - it confuses me, too. I just see it so often. Good idea the secret place, I email it to myself! But, he is not like that - not after 33 years of me. Glad you got a chance to stop by. Thank you.

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