Regeneration disguised

It is time
to quiet my mind
from brainstorming
and empathy

to save my fingers
from blisters
earned through
constant contact
with keyboard already
worn down

to protect my wrists
from a possible fate
of carpal tunnel

to stretch the
muscles unused
in recent months

to allow my body
(and mind)
breathing room
from creation


I will
to check in.


Ok, my way of saying Leon is on vacation this week, we are working on the house, and I want and need to help him. After all, we get laughs in as we go and I am spoiled rotten most of the times. . . Hold it, not rotten, just spoiled in some ways. . . I admit it, but believe me, it is his choice. . . He knows exactly what he is doing. . . he is no dummy. (And besides, he is making me. . . well, trying to, my guilt at being spoiled just enables him to make me. . . Hee hee, it made sense to me because I feel we are all in control of our needs and wants. . So, if you are still with me in this paragraph, I want to help him, I need to be useful around here for a change, and I love the laughs that we WILL get in, if I have to act crazy this week to get them. . .

Y'all enjoy your week, I will use my free time to catch up on what you have written. . . WAIT, it is Tuesday, my Haiku. NO, I have to get Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in. . . I'll be back. . . I have to take a break sometime and I can eat and think at the same time. . . I'm practiced at it.
I think I will sneak over and look at the prompt.

Now, I know y'all aren't going to copy my words. . . but the few out there that might stumble on this entry and are feeling self-defeating by copying this drivel, well, don't, because it WOULD be self-defeating. . . Thanks.


In my words:

This is but a one-sided conversation;
it takes you to make it more.

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Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

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