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Unconscious Mutterings has posted another interesting list for us to do free associations with. Why not join in. I'm sure your brain is working a bit better than mine seems to be. . . Some days I wonder why on earth I think of such drivel. Her prompt word followed by my mind's first reaction follows. Why not play along each week? Click on her link and play along.

  1. Riding :: bicycles
  2. Actress :: actor
  3. Flowers :: for me?
  4. Making :: tracks
  5. Robot :: envy
  6. Enjoy :: me
  7. Identify :: this
  8. 22 :: feet
  9. Busy :: man
  10. Forward :: this

Now, on to my personal fun. Each week I use the twenty words from the free association in the same order she offered them and attempt to write a poem (of sorts), sometimes changing tenses. Why, you may ask? Why not? I look forward to trying it each week. Just think of it as brain exercises done in public.

Director Blues

Riding bicycles
one actress, one actor
robes threaten to tangle
in chains scrubbed clean of grease
What was wardrobe thinking?

Flowers for me?
A young lover asked
just moments before
on stage, now making tracks
to get outside
before she looses her lunch.

Robot envy is what
we tagged the stiff
given every night.

Enjoy me behind the
unused flats the diva
whispered in the director's
now deaf ear.

Can you identify this
body the detective asked
the widower on stage
as he pulled his sleeve to read
the words he'd failed to learn.

22 feet of eleven children
tapped their way across the stage
one turning left, one right,
one refusing to take another step.

One busy day
of Murphy's Law on stage
where we find
one lone man
who had cast it all
leaning forward in his seat

wondering if
was the day
he should maybe call it quits.


These words, unintended for copying by others. Links are fine, otherwise, ask first for permission, please. . . Thank you.


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Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

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