Haiku - The Comfort of Grief

Jennifer of One Deep Breath lost her father on July 18th. Susan's prompt this week for our Haiku was "dedicated to Jennifer and her family and to those who, for whatever reason, need words of encouragement and comfort."

Jennifer, my heart goes out to you and your family.

May your tears turn from raging torrents to gentle snowfall
to blanket the darkness in white reflections. . . .

The Comfort of Grief

One tear shed followed
by yet another, mixed with
visions of life led

One deep breath followed

by yet another, mixed with

loving memories

While one fleeting smile

seeks another to wrap your

heart in calming balm


My words are not normally meant to be copied without permission, however, if a reader finds any comfort in this poem, please feel free to both hold it in your heart and share it with another.


strauss said...


Clare said...

I really like the photo and your words under it and your poem. I love the flow of your poem and how tears mix with life, breath mixes with memories and smiles wrap around the heart -- really beautiful and very touching.

Roswila said...

That middle one really captures for me that life mix of impermanence and yet continuity. Nice.

Regina Clare Jane said...

These haiku were all lovely, Marcia... it takes one breath at a time to start to heal...

Brian said...

Beautiful words and beautiful love. Thanks Marcia.

Jone said...

The photo and the words are so comforting. I loved the expression "heart in comforting balm".

megan said...

As others have commented, your words are lovely. For me, the beauty is your generous heart shining through them. And, the expression of snow white reflections brightening the darkness is exceptional.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Strauss, Clare, Roswila, Regina Clare Jane, Brian, Jone, Megan -- thank you all for commenting on these Haiku and my photo of snowfall against the night (or morning, I cannot remember which) I am grateful some of my words were seen as lovely or comforting or touching or similar -- and that continuity was seen. Life in one form is continuous - even when it seems it is not. Thank you for sharing my words with me, they were written from my heart.

Crafty Green Poet said...

a nice combination of comforting words and a wonderful photo.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Crafty Green Poet - Thank you for commenting on my words - and on my photo.

tumblewords said...

Love these. Thank you for sharing so generously. The third one has captured me.

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