3WW - I Had a Fan

Bone chose the three words below as our prompt to use as a jumping off point for our words, whether a sentence, a thought, a poem, or other. For me, this week was about just cutting up also know as just having fun, not attempt to write great poetry:


I Had a Fan

the reality is when I fan myself
(since it requires muscles
which, we all know, produce heat
during exertion)
it only heats my inner core
while tricking my mind
-- momentarily --
into thinking it is cooling my body,
for warm breezes created by a
steady flap flap flap of
paper pleats
(as they expand and contract)
dangling skin
(on my upper arm)
compete to evaporate sweat

leaving me chilled --

just an excuse
for my body to react with shivering --
contracting more muscles
which, we all know, produce heat
during exertion --
to heat
inner core.

I hate summer heat.
There is only one activity
worth sweating for. . .

no use for a fan there.


Please, no copying these words written in fun with a ring of certain truth.


pjd said...

fun. I kinda wish you'd stopped at the end of the first stanza, but the line about one activity worth sweating for was worth it. :) Happy Wednesday.

gautami tripathy said...

You described it perfectly. I hate the summer, the trickling of sweat.

That ending, ah that ending..:D

Gay said...

Ah... the ending. It makes the entire poem on so many levels and in so many ways. Good job.

Rose Dewy Knickers said...


I have no idea what that last line was all about. ;)

Love the graphic way you describe the basic function of sweating.



Anonymous said...

I felt out of breath, as I found I was reading faster and faster! This is great fun. JC

paisley said...

that was really fun.. i liked the irony of it all,, and it flowed really well... thank you ...

Clare said...

This is fun to read -- and I like the "flap flap flap". The ending had me in giggles!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Pjd, Gautami Tripathy, Gay, Rose Dewey Knickers, Jaysee, Paisley, Clare - I had so much fun writing this one -- and the ending was a complete afterthought, not at all where I was going -- I almost took it out, had no clue what the overall effect would be for anyone else -- so glad I didn't! Guess Muse came through... I would never write that, LOL. Thank y'all for laughing along and interpreting the ending -- and for letting me know.

Annie said...

i'm telling you...you are clever with words.....i'm just sayin'.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Annie - I think that was a good thing you were telling me in your own clever way. Cleverness makes me smile, thank you.

Bone said...

So you enjoy a nice soak in the sauna, too, huh? O:)

This was a fun one, Marcia. Had me smiling.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

As long as your weren't smiling while in the sauna... Thanks, Bone

TC said...

It always used to annoy me when teachers would tell me not to fan myself as I was only making myself hotter, lol. Who cares that it's true?? It feels better... mind over matter you might say ;)

There is only one activity
worth sweating for. . .

no use for a fan there.

LOL Nice!

Paul said...

Very clever poem. An interesting take on the theme of reality.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

TC - I believe fanning does help in my other reality, just not in this poems, teachers didn't want us to get cooled off when they couldn't stand up there and fan.

Paul - I'm glad you found it clever.

Thank you both for commenting.

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