Haiku - Feathered Friends

One Deep Breath chose feathered friends as our prompt this week. Please, click on the link to their site to find the other poets who tackled or flew with this subject -- You will most likely be treated to interesting photos as well!

Work 'n Play

hungry mouths open
fed by beak not eyedropper
nature is winning

bird of red tipped black
buried in green waxy leaves
playing hide 'n seek


camera ready
sun peeks over my shoulder
black bird sneaks away


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Crafty Green Poet said...

that last one really made me smile - isn't it so often the way?

Brian said...

A sense of wonder today from your haiku. :)

AnnieElf said...

I fed with an eyedroper at one time when I was young and trying to rescue a baby sparrow. Nature won then buy taking the baby back to the earth. Your first haiku is a fine reminder of what happens when we are good stewards and let nature be.

gautami tripathy said...

I loved the last one..:D

Plain Foolish said...

I love the feeling of these - the whole relationship between bird and person.

And for that last one, just last night, I said to my husband, "Hey, look at that cardinal!" only to have him hide before my husband saw him. How does a bright red bird disappear like that?

Shelby said...

love it :)

Roswila said...

You captured in words in that last what you could not get in the camera. :-)

Clare said...

Each haiku is wonderful! It always amazes me how a mother bird can keep up with feeding all those hungry babies' beaks. And the colors in your second haiku create a beautiful picture in my mind. And in the third one, I love the how the "sun peaks" and the "black bird sneaks" -- it sounds really cool.

Sandy said...

The theme of the last haiku just happened to me a few minutes ago, except that it was not a black bird, but a mockingbird. I enjoyed all three.

tumblewords said...

Vivid! The third one might be my fave but it would be a hard choice. Nice selection, for sure!

Becca said...

Lovely, playful haiku that capture the elusive nature of our feathered friends! Well done :)

Colorful Prose said...

I love the hide n seek, but the third one is my favorite, too.

the heartful blogger said...

I like the "realness" of these, especially the last one!

jem said...

The last one is perfect. Its like a fairy tale ending, or a fable about light and dark.

Rose Dewy Knickers said...


Beautiful images of nature. :)



Patois said...

I love your hopeful nature of the first and the sense of fun with the other two. "Waxy leaves" in the second really called to me. Your third one could be about almost anything when it comes to me and my camera!

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