3WW - Rescue or Interference?

Private - Crossed - Rinse

Bone came up with those words for our prompt. We write using then all, whether poetry or otherwise. Follow the link to his site for an interesting group of writers who love the challenge. Why not join us? No time? Schedule it in as exercise, the brain needs exercise, too.
(NOTE: it looks like my brain needs more exercise than I thought. I let Muse take over as always and she had Audacity leave out the word, "rinse". How dare they gang up on me. I think they are related to Mr. Murphy. Quite Prevalent now, but hidden then, and Instinct did kick in at the end, showing itself by wanting to highlight the words used, but I couldn't decide which way. So, since I like the poem as is, well, just say I failed Mission this week, but won in another sense. So, rinse away the tears that were shed in private as I crossed the line from being successful to losing -- grin. There, I've got them all now.)

Rescue or Interference?

It was
a private moment,

would have been

had he not crossed the line
of propriety

and stepped
around carpeted

to scrape the pills
I had not yet swallowed
from my tongue.


This is fiction, y'all, not reality, just written in first person for effect.

My words are from my imagination or life, please don't copy them. Thank you.


gautami tripathy said...

"to scrape the pills
I had not yet swallowed
from my tongue."

Utterly Beautiful...my tongue felt scrapped..:D

Lightheaded said...

this is lovely.

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Love the poem and my vote is for rescue. Err, I am missing the word rinse?



Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Gautami Tripathy - Thank you.

Lightheaded - Thank you.

Rose Dewy Knickers - Thank you, I vote for rescue, too. Thanks for catching my OOPS. I added a note in the post.

Thank y'all for commenting today!

Carrie said...

I'm glad its just fiction. ;) Thanks for commenting on mine. BTW, LOVE the name of your blog.

gay said...

Even with two out of three, it's beautiful, and you fixed it well enough. It's sad...

Shelby said...

really beautiful.

Bone said...

Aww, I've done that before, more than once. Written this big story and then realized I left out a word. Urgh :)

Honestly, the point is not fitting them all in, though. If one word inspired you to write and that's the only word you used, I think that would be fine :)

Annie said...

Well, aren't you the rebel, leaving out rinse? I like it just the way it is - disturbing and stirring.

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