Oops, Thank you, and Link to Brian's photos

No Poetry Thursday for me this week. Not much reading of yours either.

Tomorrow is for Share A Square and pretending I am a housewife.

However, the latter may go by the wayside as I attempt to change the colors in the coolest of
ALL templates I found for this blog as I migrate it to Wordpress.org. One poem per page and a slight of hand. Surprise! awaits, things are hidden! Will you be able to figure out how to get to the next poem?

As usual I want it NOW and could have it now while I fixed the colors -- but, I have to find out how to migrate from Blogger to Wordpress when I have blogger on my own domain already. If you know shout out the directions location, please. But I will also hunt!

Brian, if you stumble on this before I get to reply to the other comment - Thank you for your help! I will try to fix it in the few minutes I have tomorrow! And y'all, hop on over to Brian's and check out the photos he has been posting of Morikami Gardens. They are awesome.


Brian said...


Glad to help. :)

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Is Love Inevitable? We"ll know when its finished:

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