Poetry Thursday - Lullaby of Mee

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I'll keep you warm

within my heart

float safely
in my arms

you may gaze
into my eyes
they'll reflect
your sweet soul

go to sleep

hear your name

dream your own dreams
in silence

know we will

show you how
to stand proud and be counted.



Written with our son in mind -- about 29 years later than should have been. . . To see when it should have been written and read my latest Self-Rules written as a short poem: Click here.

(This is freaky! As I was copying this poem into the blog to save for Thursday, a commercial came on the TV. (I had forgotten to turn it off after checking traffic this morning.) It was the same lullaby that I had hummed as I wrote this.)

Words put together this way are by my effort, please do not copy.


Rose Dewy Knickers said...

I read this yesterday and I was trying to hum along. It goes with the picture above so well.



Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Rose, trying to hum was probably difficult -- it is not exactly metered correctly.

I never thought about the header photo -- that I am looking down as if cradling a baby - how cool - I was just trying to hide my face... Thanks for pointing it out!

tumblewords said...

Marcia - this is so nice, cuddly, warm and encouraging. Love it!

Clare said...

What a sweet and cozy lullaby -- I found myself rocking and humming too. I love the line "know we will show you how to stand proud and be counted" -- this made me cry. So beautiful.

Regina Clare Jane said...

This was lovely, Marcia- so gentle.

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Tumblewords, Clare, Regina Clare Jane - thank y'all for commenting - I wasn't sure anyone else would feel it was as gentle as I hoped it was.

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