Haiku - Compare and Contrast

We welcome Jennifer back to One Deep Breath! The prompt this week was: compare and contrast. That is something many do naturally! Why not go on over Tuesday and see who else has risen to the challenge. If you check that post later, they update the list of participants as they write their haiku.

Cracked earth should crumble
beneath weight of rushed footsteps
but springs back instead


seeks moonlight beneath blanket
flashlight creates beam


Horizontal rain
hiding much from view frustrates
lightning blinds all view



For a non-haiku poem on contrast (and photo), click here!

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Brian said...

I love the second one the best. Fond memories of reading late into the night.

Regina Clare Jane said...

I'm with Brian! I used to love sneaking in some reading!
The third one reminds me of some of the rain storms we have had lately!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

That is exactly what half that memory was. The other half was just playing with the glow of the flashlight through the sheets. Thanks for commenting, Brian.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I can relate to that second one too!

Greggo said...

these are all good, but i agree that the second has a certain feeling to it that makes me smile. beautiful work!

tumblewords said...

These are lovely. I like the image and hope of the earth springing back when it could do otherwise.

Clare said...

I really like these! Cracked earth springing back is a wonderful contrast. And the flashlight's beam is fun and reminds me of reading under the covers as a kid. And I recently drove in conditions like in your 3rd haiku -- I can definitely relate -- it was scary!

Fledgling Poet said...

Like everyone else, I loved the second one the most! It brought back such fond, childhood memories -- I was a complete bookworm. :~)

Plain Foolish said...

I would also play with shining the flashlight through my hand, because it turned the light pink and was just so neat looking...

The 3rd one, though, reminds me of trying to drive on a narrow mountain road during a real thunderstorm. Luckily, we made it to the top and found a ski resort that was only half open for the summer, but had a room for us. Whew!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Regina Clare Jane, Crafty Green Poet, Greggo, Clare, Fledgling Poet, Plain Foolish -- seems like the flashlight is a right of childhood.

Plain Foolish, Clare - I have driven in a blinding thunderstorm on a road that had drop offs, only about 10 feet or so, not like on a mountain, but I didn't know they were there. It was a nightmare I don't care to relive. Shame y'all had to do it, too.

Tumblewords, I had never seen earth like that, I would have bet money it would have crumbled at the slightest touch.

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