Contrast of Moods

Bubbles cannot
contain excitement
as it bursts from
parents' hearts

Jump completed
to the water below,
he kicks his tiny feet
and flails his tiny arms
not in fear, but in success.

A stark contrast to his
screaming hate of life jackets
made known to all
within the county,
or was that the state?

Photos by MeeAugraphie sometime in late '79 or early '8o. Words, by same, 07/30/07.

Swimming skills taught by me under the guidance, and with the patience, of those at the YMCA in St. Petersburg, FL. He took lessons with me from the first moment they let us in the water for lessons when he was six months old until they forced me from the water when he was three.

The swim cap courtesy of ear infections and the tubes inserted at 17 or 18 months -- he never had another one. . . . (ear infection that is)

For Haiku on nature: compare and contrast, click here (or just scroll down)

My words and photos are not to be copied, thank you.


Brian said...

Another, not so fond memory. :)

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Well, Brian, I just keep honing in on your not so fond memories. Sorry, but I am glad you commented.

Roswila said...

Delightful photos and poem. (I remember a toddler sounding as if we were torturing him, as he refused to put on the very same Halloween costume he'd insisted we buy for him. :-))

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Roswila - Thank you. Toddlers love to convince the world we are torturing them at times, I think.

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