Showing Not Telling Contest

I discovered a blog yesterday that was new to me. Had fun today jumping around in discovery. I enjoyed reading Missy's posts, a bit of this and that, you may, too! She has a writing contest going, with a prize, though, the fun will be in trying to do as she requests -- show, not tell. She has a sentence all ready for you to work you magic with, I won't spoil the surprise, you can click here to get the sentence and the simple contest details.

Am I entering? Of course, but the first "entry" I started -- well, I got carried away and wrote a story, one I want to polish and submit to an editor. So, I'll be writing a shorter one right along with y'all. You have until "12:00 p.m. cst on August 6, 2007". Now, I don't know if that is noon or midnight, I never accepted the rules for am and pm - I always use military time so there is no room for confusion. So, you may want to submit it sooner, especially y'all staying up all night for Blogathon 2007, you may use a few of those minutes to write your paragraph.

So, go on over to Missy's post of the rules at The Incurable Disease of Writing - I bet we can all identify with her blog title, can't we!


Missy said...

I got all goose-pimply when I read that you enjoyed my blog. Thank you sooooo much. And thanks for plugging the contest. I look forward to reading your entry.

Brian said...

Blogathon is beyond. I'm trying to kick the habit. ;)

Have a great weekend. :)

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

Missy, you are quite welcome. My entry is coming, I just keep writing stories.

Brian, I wish you weren't trying to kick the habit, but then I understand, I think.

Thank y'all for commenting!

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