Three Word Wednesday - Three on Coping

Cope - Revealed - Stick: Three word prompt from Bone, to do with as we will.

Click on this link (after you have seen my personal craziness with the prompt, please). You will be led to a variety of writing styles, each one showing cleverness and a muse of their own!

Note to Bone: what have you done to us this week, chosing these three words? Well, to me, anyway? After writing the first two: one showing hope, one a downer, I wanted to write something hysterically funny. My muse actually laughed at me -- apparently. I am sure the silence that came was really just her laughter in disguise. And she took her sense of humor one more step and helped me write an Acrostic. . . I say she helped me, because I'm not taking total credit for words that make not a whole lot of sense. (Grin implied)

What really broke the camel's back?

"Deal with it," he said,
reaching for the remote
to change images from
decorating to guts and gore.

"Cope with it," mother said,
patting her arm,
her eyes revealed truths behind
the pasted smile on her face.

"Stick it!" she said,
with each suitcase she lifted
into the taxi in a show of bravado
while he was at work.



Intuition Ignored packed its bags

Stick to the plan
was advice given
when she revealed
her need to reorder
their lives.

He revealed no reason
for his controlling manner
nor did her instincts
rescue her from
pallid acceptance
that would eventually
erode her ability
to cope.



Artistic licensed, an Acrostic


killed, then

volumes of protest,
each one
acrid, though only from
lucid and


Oh, my, I am in a weird frame of mind today, well, I'm not, but apparently my muse is! I won't tell you that I can almost make sense of that acrostic.

Remember, I rarely post other than drafts, whether first or second, and this is no exception!

Please, those few of you that see this as something, do not copy my words. People will not see you as you, but as me, and you aren't, me, that is.


Rose Dewy Knickers said...

A fascinating look into the weird mind of a blogger. ;)

I love the first one and the whatever it is at the end is very, very intriguing.



Anonymous said...

Wow! I particularly like the first poem, but I think both are very well written. As for the acrostic, have you untied the knots in your brain yet?

I'm new to 3WW and so glad I've found you all. JC

Gay said...

Such fun today! I like what Bone did to your muse, especially the first one. You may think she was twisted, but she made me laugh.

Lightheaded said...

I liked the first one from among the three but all were lovely really.

Annie said...

Oh my! How dare he move the channel from HGTV to "guts and gore." No wonder she left. Great use of the words.

As for the acrostic, how did you do that? Amazing!

TC said...

The first one was my favorite. I think we have all heard similar situations and just pretty much wanted to say stick it and move on with life too.

Bone said...

The first is my favorite. I think it's excellent!

I like the idea of an acrostic, too. Hmm, maybe I'll try that some week.

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